Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Few Things That Have Happened

My summer is going great and I thought I would post a few things of what I've been doing just to catch up.
First off, my parents went on a cruise for a week and that friday us girls had a movie night and facials and pizza it was really fun!

And the mask really worked!! My face felt good for days. It was made with nutmeg and honey. 
We also spent like a half an hour taking pictures of us trying to go cross eyed...we're so easily amused

None of us could really do it 
I also am in this baking mood all I wanna do is bake!! I've made several loaves of banana bread and cookies and jam, i made a very berry jam it has strawberries,blueberries, and raspberries in it, it's delicious!!
My very first loaf of banana bread
And we had our Hanks Annual Moab Camping Trip a few weeks ago. We stayed in one of our favorites Archview and we went to Arches National Park. Sadly my camera died on the trip so I dont have that many pictures 
Jamie-the tree climber
It was a really heavy cooler
Landscape Arch
We did also hike to Delicate Arch and that is such a beautiful arch                                                                       

 Us hiking
It was so hot down there in Moab, we went into town and got some ice cream just to cool down a little bit... and it was delicious ice cream
One thing I noticed while we were in the park was the many shirtless men. I haven't seen that many shirtless men ever in the park and some of the men should not have taken their shirts off
If you don't look like this with your shirt off, you should just keep that shirt on.
I also recently got new sunglasses because my blue ones are broken and I finally broke down and got new ones
I miss my blue ones.. they are now hanging in my rearview mirror as a relic. I refuse to throw them away.
Till next time, 

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