Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Few Things That Have Happened

My summer is going great and I thought I would post a few things of what I've been doing just to catch up.
First off, my parents went on a cruise for a week and that friday us girls had a movie night and facials and pizza it was really fun!

And the mask really worked!! My face felt good for days. It was made with nutmeg and honey. 
We also spent like a half an hour taking pictures of us trying to go cross eyed...we're so easily amused

None of us could really do it 
I also am in this baking mood all I wanna do is bake!! I've made several loaves of banana bread and cookies and jam, i made a very berry jam it has strawberries,blueberries, and raspberries in it, it's delicious!!
My very first loaf of banana bread
And we had our Hanks Annual Moab Camping Trip a few weeks ago. We stayed in one of our favorites Archview and we went to Arches National Park. Sadly my camera died on the trip so I dont have that many pictures 
Jamie-the tree climber
It was a really heavy cooler
Landscape Arch
We did also hike to Delicate Arch and that is such a beautiful arch                                                                       

 Us hiking
It was so hot down there in Moab, we went into town and got some ice cream just to cool down a little bit... and it was delicious ice cream
One thing I noticed while we were in the park was the many shirtless men. I haven't seen that many shirtless men ever in the park and some of the men should not have taken their shirts off
If you don't look like this with your shirt off, you should just keep that shirt on.
I also recently got new sunglasses because my blue ones are broken and I finally broke down and got new ones
I miss my blue ones.. they are now hanging in my rearview mirror as a relic. I refuse to throw them away.
Till next time, 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's catch up...again!!

I haven't been on here in so long they went and changed the whole format and everything.....Im so confused right now!!!
But now that school has finally ended and it's summer I think  I might have a little more time to blog..maybe i'll finally finish my harry potter 30 day challenge.
Let's see last time I blogged I went on and on about Korean shows and as an update: I'm still obsessed. I'm actually watching one right now called City Hunter and it's really really good I was hooked after the first episode

What else????
I moved back home for the summer a couple of weeks ago and I gotta say I really really really miss most of my roommates
We had to be out of our apartment friday afternoon but michelle and leslie had to stay in logan so I took the weekend off of work and we spent most of the whole day friday together and slept over at maryann's new apartment
We had so much fun

We took pictures

We went ice skating. Leslie was actually pretty good, she kept showing off. I was surprised about how good I was and I haven't been ice skating in a looonnngg time.
And we also went hot tubbing

It was a great day and just thinking about it makes me really really miss these guys. We got together again for maryann's wedding and I mostly talked to Leslie but it was sooo good to see them again. Hopefully we'l hang out a lot this summer, im sure if we do you'll hear about it
It was a great year living in Anderson Apartment 6. There's a lot about it I miss, I miss the ward, I miss my neighbors by the end of the year I got to know a few more of the neighbors. I finished my second year of college and I had a lot of challenges and I swear it's gonna take me forever to get into my of these day
I'm still working at that call center place but good news!! Im not working there for very long I just got a job in Brigham for the summer and I'm really excited about that. I am also happy to finally be leaving that place. It was a good experience but not the best.
Hopefully I'll blog again soon!!
till next time,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why haven't I done this yet??

I feel like an absolute dork that I am actually gonna admit this on the internet but I have a new obsession and it is not pinterest.
My roommates MaryAnn and Michelle have been trying to get me to watch them all week and a couple weeks ago we watched one called Heartstrings and I fell in love with it!!
This one is about a boy named Shin who is EXTREMELY attractive and a girl named gyu won which i can't pronounce and they fall in love. It's adorable. We watched all 16 episodes in one weekend. I may have bought the show recently
And then last week I watched this one everyone says is really good and it's called
You're Beautiful
And in this one the girl pretends to be her twin brother and joins a boy band and all three guys fall for her. The whole show is about her trying to conceal her identity and she falls head over heels for the lead singer. Just like the last one this one is also adorable!!! And I watched it in about a week or so. 
I haven't watched them in awhile I may be going through withdrawls
But I recommend you watch them, they are a little silly but really good. I can't wait to get my heartstrings dvds soon!!! I splurged and got them
I love them and I never thought I would
till next time,

Let's Catch Up

It has been like an EXTREMELY long time since the last time I posted and a lot has happened since december i know it's been a long time when i can't even remember the last time i actually posted anything.
So anyway let's there were some major holidays I didnt even post about like christmas, new years, valentine's day. 
I gotta tell you this, this is what I love about being up at college, On valentine's day we were all just hanging out in the apartment, I had gotten the day off thankfully ( yeah I finally got a job but more of that later) and then my roommate comes and says to me and my other roommate that there are boys here and one is in a monkey suit. These boys had come to serenade us and they have us each a chocolate kiss. It was sooo nice!! And slightly adorable. I still have no idea who was in the gorilla suit but i'm fairly certain they were from my ward.
So about my job, I'm not allowed to say much about it but I can say this. I am looking for a new one, its not a bad situation but every day i go in i just want it to be over, and it is not been consistent either so that makes it hard. 
I got three new roommates this semester which is almost over!!! Im only slightly worried because I have absolutely no idea where I am going to live next year and i got so much i still need to do. College life is almost over for the year and I have a HUGE assignment due this week and stressing out about it but of course I'm doing a blog post.
Anyway three new roommates and it's been different. My new like actual room roommate and I actually get a long really well I count her as one of my best friends at the moments, we got along right from the start. My other two roommates that aren't maryann and michelle...............................well that's another blog post in and of itself but its been fine.
I think that's all I really need to catch you up one but I do have another blog post coming after this one about one of my new obsessions. Be prepared its a good one!!
till next time,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 7: Xenophilius Lovegood

Day 7: Favorite Female Character and Why?
That is a hard one, the whole series is riddled with strong women that would be great examples.
I think I would have to go with Hermione. She is someone I've always wanted to be, intelligent, pretty, responsible, and likeable
She is just a great example. Even Emma Watson who portrays her is someone any young girl could look up to, she doesnt act like all the other famous young girls in hollywood, she's just like hermione.
There are a ton of women in the series i would look up to.
till next time,

Day 6: Felix Felicis

Day 6: What house would you want to be in? Which house do you think you would get?
Well I've already kind of been sorted into a house on Pottermore so I kinda already know
yep Hufflepuff, the underappreciated house which I would love to be in any day
till next time,

Day 5: Professor Umbridge

Day 5: Favorite Male Character and Why?
Although Harry Potter is a great character nothing is better than Ronald Weasley. He is probably the most loyal person in the book. he'd do anything for Harry and Hermione.He's funny and intelligent and one of the more entertaining characters.And it's not just because of the red hair i really do like him
till next time,